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Welcome to Chrysallis Lab!

Chrysallis Lab Career Consulting provides holistic career support to mid-level and senior-level professionals seeking support finding more career alignment and fulfillment. We design transformational resumes, cover letters, and optimized LinkedIn profiles to help professionals boost their career confidence, highlight their key skills and strengths, and align their personal brand with their career goals in order to land interviews for their dream jobs.

We also partner with companies and organizations to teach their audiences how to transform their careers and boost their job search using certified resume writing and LinkedIn Profile Optimization strategies.
We understand not everyone is an expert resume writer or career expert. That’s why we’re here. To do the heavy lifting, so that you don’t have to.
Remember, the most prepared job seeker is the most successful. At the Chrysallis Lab, we help you get your most important job search and networking materials ready so you can make the most of your job search.

Our Services


Resume Writing Support

We design transformational ATS-friendly resumes to highlight your skills, align your personal brand with your career goals, and help you land interviews for your dream job. 


Cover Letter Writing

We create captivating cover letters that tell your career story in order to position you as the ideal applicant for your dream job.


LinkedIn Profile Optimization

We help you optimize your LinkedIn profile so you can stand out in a crowded job market, expand your network, and build your professional reputation. 

Here's how we can help you

We know just how arduous and stressful the job search process can be. We’ve all been there!

If you are here, it is because you are mid-level or senior-level job seeker (or soon to be job seeker) in need of professional help to pursue your next career step. Or maybe you are here because you need support with a career pivot, salary increase, career confidence, more professional networking opportunities, or just want to achieve more career fulfillment and alignment.

Fortunately for you, you are in the right place!

Building a strong brand and network to help get you in the right door starts with knowing how to communicate your professional story. Presenting a polished resume, cover letter, and/or LinkedIn profile is the first part step in the process.

Let's get started on your career transformation!

I Help Job Seekers Transform their Career.

About Chrysallis Lab

A Chrysallis in nature is defined as the middle stage of a butterfly’s metamorphosis, between the larvae (the caterpillar) and the adult stage (the butterfly). Symbolically, a chrysalis symbolizes a transitional state. Using this framework as the basis of our work, the Chrysallis Lab serves as a transformational space for early career professionals. We believe that offering customized resume and cover letter-writing services can essentially transform one’s career, by expanding career prospects and presenting the most polished applicant.

Strategic Vision

At the Chrysallis Lab, we believe that there is no one-size fits all approach to resume-writing. The Chrysallis Lab is unique from your run-of-the mill career coaching and consulting business as our goal is to take on career consulting using a holistic approach. We aim to prioritize clients’ skills and assets, both professional and creative. With this in mind, Chrysallis Lab is also a safe space for creatives in non-traditional professions (e.g., dancers, musicians, entrepreneurs, educators, community organizers, etc.)


Aishah, Program Coordinator
Creating a powerful resume is such a mysterious process but Inayah presented her resume workshop with such clarity and helped to de-mystify the process. She taught my class of adult learners simple techniques that helped them understand HOW to approach effective resume creation. I definitely recommend her services if you’re looking for patient and thorough support.
Andrew, Business Director, Resume
Inayah is extremely professional in her interactions with clients. She's also very tactful and very good at listening and responding to her client's needs. I highly recommend her services.
Julia, Legal Secretary, Resume
I had a wonderful experience working with Inayah. She helped me tailor my resume towards my future career goal, and elaborated on my past work experience to showcase all my talents. The strong descriptive language and vocabulary she used to detail the skills I have acquired will provide future employers and administrators with the information they need to know I am a qualified candidate. The finished product is excellent work. It is visually appealing, professional, and encompasses everything I wanted to get across - in a much more efficient and well rounded way then I ever could have! Thank you!
Camille, Content Manager
I am grateful for the support of Chrsyallis Lab Career Consulting. In 2022, I transitioned roles in the education industry from direct service into management and leadership. I reached out to Inayah for support. Inayah was warm, professional, and deeply sincere in providing me actionable feedback in how I might adjust my communication techniques during interviews and my career more broadly. Inayah's support was key to my development as a person and a professional. I extend my most sincere recommendation of her services to professionals looking to grow their career.
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