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Frequently Asked Questions

Below are commonly asked questions some of our clients have before working with us. If you have other questions, email us at careers@chrysallislab.com.

You will receive a welcome email that contains an intake form and Service Agreement. After you complete your intake form and sign the Service Agreement, you will receive a first draft of your resume and/or cover letter via email within 5-7 business days. 

You will receive a first draft of your resume and/or cover letter via email within 5-7 business days  following your purchase and completion of your Intake Questionnaire. You will receive a final draft of your resume and/or cover as early as 10-14 business days following your purchase and completion of your Intake Questionnaire. This is contingent on completion of your draft revisions. You can expect up to a 30-day turnaround for Linkedin Profile Optimization, Curriculum Vitae, or combination packages. Up to 2 draft revisions are included.

Our aim is to ensure that you shine brightly to prospective employers throughout your job search journey. We assure you that your new resume will be optimized for Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS), enriched with industry-specific keywords, and adorned with a contemporary and professional layout.

Job search outcomes depend on various factors including market conditions, your qualifications, interview performance, and employer preferences. However, hiring a professional can greatly improve your chances of success by presenting your skills and experiences in the best possible light and guiding you through the job search process.

Applicant Tracking Systems are software that companies use to manage job applications. They look for specific words and skills in your resume to decide if you’re a good fit for the job. Hiring a professional resume writer can make sure your resume has the right words and looks impressive, increasing your chances of getting noticed by these systems and getting hired.

Absolutely, our resumes are meticulously crafted to ensure compatibility with Applicant Tracking Systems. We strategically incorporate relevant keywords and format the document to enhance its readability and performance within these systems, maximizing your chances of getting noticed by employers.

Certainly! With every service you purchase, we provide a tailored draft review, allowing for two rounds of revisions to ensure your satisfaction. So, yes, you can absolutely request changes when you receive your new resume, cover letter, or LinkedIn profile as long as requests are made within 30 days. 

We do not offer payment plans. Payments must be submitted in full at checkout.

Chrysallis Lab Career Consulting provides professional resume writing services. We offer up to 2 rounds of revisions as we work with you throughout the revision period so that you are satisfied with your resume. During the revision period, we advise clients to review the documents to ensure accuracy. As a result, we do not offer refunds once the resume writing service has been performed and the first draft has been received. We are flexible with working with you to ensure you are happy with the final product!