Frequently Asked Questions

Below are commonly asked questions some of our clients have before working with us. If you have other questions, email us at

All services are non-refundable. A one-time complimentary revision within 1 week of purchase is included with each service/package offered. We are flexible with working with you to ensure you are happy with the final product.

Our goal is to provide a resume/cover letter transformation to position our clients as ideal candidates in order to help them secure interviews. Job success results will vary according to multiple factors including:

  • Your job search strategy and how active you are with your plan
  • The number of relevant job opportunities available in your area
  • Your willingness to relocate
  • The type of roles you are applying to
  • Your career level
  • Your experience

Applicant tracking systems (ATS) are pieces of software that companies use to help “automate” the hiring process. Applicant tracking systems help recruiters and hiring managers stay organized and also save time by automatically surfacing and highlighting top candidates in order to narrow their applicant pool.

Absolutely! We understand how applicant tracking systems work and our resumes are formatted to meet recruiter preferences and ATS guidelines.

You will receive an email that contains a welcome packet and a resume intake form. After you have completed the Resume Intake Form and optional 20-minute consultation, you will receive your resume products via email within 5-7 business days.

5-7 business days (Monday-Friday).

Yes, absolutely. 1 free revision within 1 week of purchase is included with each service.

We do not offer payment plans. Payments must be submitted in full at checkout.